SHiFT Practices

SHiFT exists to break the destructive cycle of children and young people caught up in, or at risk of, crime. We seek to transform policy and practice in how young people in these circumstances are seen and supported.  

In pursuit of this mission, SHiFT is scaling high-impact ‘insider-outsider’ Practices across the UK – Practices that are hosted and work from within existing services (children’s services, public health, policing and criminal justice, education, housing) but are guided and supported by the national SHiFT team as part of the SHiFT changemaking community.  

SHiFT Practices are made up of highly skilled multi-disciplinary practitioners called Guides. Guides utilise the Breaking Cycles ingredients to build the foundations of an effective therapeutic relationship with the child / young person that enables positive change to take place. Guides work with children and everyone important in their lives for at least 18 months. 

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