image of two people walking through a tunnel


Growing up is risky business.

Current responses to children who are caught in, or at risk of, the destructive cycle of crime, often don’t give children and families the support they need to move to a place of safety and strength. This is especially true for children who are Black, Brown or Mixed Heritage.   

SHiFT is determined to change things. 


SHiFT exists to break the destructive cycle of children and young people caught up in, or at risk of, crime. We seek to transform policy and practice in how young people in these circumstances are seen and supported. Anti-racism is central to our mission and practice.  

SHiFT is scaling high impact Practices across the UK, using the Breaking Cycles ingredients, a dynamic and evidenced approach to enabling change, created by SHiFT’s Co-Founder, Sophie Humphreys OBE. 

SHiFT Practices work with the children and young people who keep professionals awake at night: children who are caught up in, or at risk of, cycles of crime for whom things are getting worse, not better. 

Unconstrained by age, geographic or professional boundaries, SHiFT starts with aspiration and belief in all young people. We support them with unrivalled intensity, longevity, and ambition. Our work with young people finishes when they are set on a path for success.