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The SHiFT RCBC Board met for the first time in April 2024.

The young people with whom SHiFT will engage have been identified as children who are already at high risk of harm through crime and might already be cared for children, and also those children where the indicators would suggest they are likely to become involved in crime or harmed in the future without intensive support from a SHiFT Guide. Child identification is happening during May and work with the children will begin soon afterwards. The Practice will sit within the Vulnerable Adolescent Service area and will work closely with the SAFE Team that has been established locally.

Kul Peacock

Kul Peacock, Lead Guide for Redcar & Cleveland, is a football fanatic whose heart beats for Boro and Liverpool. She's also an ambassador for 'Her Game Too', and a devoted parent to two adorable dogs, Fudge and Pepper. Kul is not just married to a wonderful person, but also to the cause of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) with MFC and Cleveland Police.

With over 33 years of experience working with young people, families, and communities, she started as a volunteer and climbed the ladder to become the CEO of a Youth & Community project in her hometown of Middlesbrough. The joy of meeting young people she worked with years ago, now thriving adults with children of their own, is a testament to her dedication and love for the community.

As the first in her family to attend university at the ripe age of 21, she also had the enriching experience of working in various parts of the USA and the UK.

Having compiled and delivered numerous training programmes and lectured at university, Kul is a lifelong learner who believes one is never too old to learn something new. A proud resident of the Northeast, she loves the welcoming ways of the people and the area. And if you ever run into Kul, remember, she’ll likely have a cup of tea in a travel mug, so feel free to provide the biscuits!

Working for SHiFT has been an amazing experience as their way of working aligns perfectly with Kul’s own approach. Kul says, “it feels very much like I have found my 'tribe' with the SHiFT family. They get me and my neurodiverse brain, and I get them, with their fantastic philosophy of 'doing what it takes'. It's a perfect match!" 

Kul is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast; she can often be found diving deep into the rabbit holes of Excel. When not working, she enjoys yoga, aqua aerobics, and catching up on the latest Emmerdale episodes.

James Gallafant

James Gallafant grew up in small villages in Stockton and now lives in Middlesbrough with his wife and three children.

He studied at Cheltenham University in environmental science after which he committed to 18 years being a Police Officer in Middlesbrough, and then spent time as a Behaviour Manager in a Secondary School before joining SHiFT as a Guide.

Having worked with young people and witnessing destructive cycles within families, James is making it his aim to be a positive influence in breaking this and helping young people reach their full potential, living happier and healthier lives.

Olivia Stairmand

Olivia Stairmand has an undergraduate degree in criminology and a Masters (LLM) in criminal justice law. Olivia has experience working with adults battling non-opiate substance misuse. Olivia’s most recent role prior to becoming a Guide at SHiFT was working as a custody navigator for the Youth Justice Service, supporting young people throughout their time in the custody suite.

Olivia decided to join SHiFT due to being captured by the ‘doing whatever it takes’ way of working. Olivia is excited to have the opportunity to work beyond the traditional boundaries and build meaningful relationships with the young people in order to break cycles.

Outside of work, Olivia pushes herself in the gym and enjoys planning holidays and watching football.

Rosie Parrish

Rosie Parrish moved to Manchester at the age of 18 to complete a degree in Social Sciences and further qualifications in Counselling. Following university, Rosie worked as a Court Officer in the Civil, Family and Crown Courts in Manchester before moving back to the Teesside area to continue this role. 

Rosie started to volunteer as a Crisis Line Counsellor for SHOUT during COVID-19, which inspired her to work full time in a therapeutic role.  Rosie worked as a Recovery Navigator for a drug & alcohol service for the last few years where she was also Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead. 

Rosie is passionate about SHIFT's approach to breaking the cycle and determination to change things - for children and the systems they live within. 

In her spare time, Rosie loves going to watch live music, exploring new restaurants and spending time with her partner.

Frank Blythe

Frank Blythe began his career working in Children’s services as a Residential Social Worker working with young people with disabilities.

After three years, Frank progressed to working with young people preparing to leave care and spent five years working as a Personal Advisor for Stockton’s Youth & Leaving Care Service. Frank spent his final year in a seconded role working with the First Contact team Supporting Social Workers to deal with referrals and completing Initial Assessments.

Frank moved on to working within Youth Justice as a Case Manager for Stockton Youth Offending Service for four years, after which he spent the next 10 years working within various support services including Scheme Manager for a Supported Housing Service, both adult and children’s Mental Health services and, most recently, spending several years working in a senior role within children’s residential services and Edge of Care.