What we do

At SHiFT,  we are able to reach the child and stay with them, wherever they are and wherever they go. We will be alongside them whether they are in or out of education or in or out of custody. We are not limited by geographical or service thresholds and turning 18 isn’t a cliff edge. We will help each young person to navigate their post pandemic lives.

Tube Map of Journey of Young Person

For many kids, their lives have been affected by violence and abuse. Disruptions in their friendship groups, families and communities, will often lead to not attending school, exclusion and expulsion. It may also lead to feeling pressured in to joining gangs, groomed into involvement with county lines activity and at risk of injury due to violent crime.

Over 66,000 children every year end up being arrested. More than half of those will be given custodial sentences and will reoffend. At SHiFT, we aim to help break that vicious cycle as we believe every child has to the right to a life that’s free from violence and crime

We are here for the long term and we will do whatever it takes to support each child to create a better, more positive and happier life.

To hear more from some of our Guides on how they see working at SHiFT and why they believe our approach will make a difference, please see the videos below.