Practice Development Advisor

Elaine joined SHiFT in May 2022 with a view to supporting our youth justice practice. Elaine has over 15 years experience as an Operational and then Service Manager in a high-performing local authority. Elaine brings experience developing creative and innovative approaches to supporting vulnerable children involved in youth justice, including being part of the project team who have designed and piloted the Systemic Assessment tool.

Prior to joining youth justice services, Elaine had worked as a caseworker in the Crown Prosecution Service, working in the Policy Team and in the Crown and Magistrates’ Courts for 7 years. She left to qualify as a Probation officer in Southeast London, specialising in working with men convicted of domestic abuse offences. Over the past 30 years, Elaine has gained a broad spectrum of perspectives which she hopes will prove useful in supporting SHiFT to develop new ways of supporting children and young adults. In particular, Elaine is passionate about supporting children’s rights and children’s voices in the statutory space and moving away from risk-averse and managerialist approaches.

Elaine has a Diploma in systemic supervision and has completed the Leaders for London course in addition to her youth justice and Probation specific training. When not working, Elaine enjoys adventure travel with a particular interest in wildlife (mountain gorillas have been the highlight) and has been told her fascination with reading “Golden Age” murder mysteries is bordering on the unhealthy. She is currently on her third attempt to learn Spanish, with a view to moving beyond ordering food!